skyscrapers Top Hotels in Pyongyang Opened

After going through the process of construction and renovation for about 30 years, Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea finally be officially opened. 

Built in 1989, the pyramid-shaped building as high as 105 floors it never stopped construction after allies and North Korea's main benefactor at the time, the Soviet Union, collapsed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea's economy directly affected. Coupled with the rampant corruption that makes the expectations of the current leader, Kim Il Sung to attract tourists evaporate. At that time, a lifestyle magazine Esquire hotel dub it as the worst building in the history of mankind and earned the nickname "Hotel of Doom" or destruction hotel. 

 However, now visible lights lit up in the skyscrapers as high as 330 meters and is believed to the first time formally receive guests. This news raised via video released news website NK News. In the video it looks light on two different floors of the hotel. Casinos, nightclubs, until the "lounge" Japanese-style empty for years are now being prepared to welcome the guests. 

 This is the first construction work on the building in the last five years after the installation of windows and telephone networks. "I was very surprised to see the peak of hotels Ryugtyong on," said Peter Ward, North Korea researcher based in Seoul. To build this hotel North Korean government to spend enough yatu reached Rp 7.8 trillion. 

 Though built at a cost which is unusually expensive, a lot of criticism regarding the quality of the concrete is poor and the lifts were very unfit. After a long stalled, this hotel development continued in the 2000s, when Kim Jong Il. This hotel was originally scheduled for completion in 2012 also marks the 100th birthday of Kim Il Sung. Unfortunately, the deadline could not be met and the hotel was still empty, uninhabited.

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International   For the sake of secularism, the city in France's "Get rid of the" Statue of Our Lady

As a secular country France tried to separate the religious affairs and everyday life. Separation include bans any religious symbols in public spaces and that's what happens in a small town in the country. An administrative court in the city of Publier, Haute-Savoire region, ordered that the statue of the Virgin Mary standing in a park since 2011 moved. 

 In the verdict was read on November 24 last, the city government has three months to move the statue. If the statue was not transferred on time, then the government must pay a fine of 100 euros, or nearly $ 1.5 million per day. In response to the court's decision, the mayor of Gaston Lacroix said he would try to find a new place for the statue. 

 Virgin Mary statue that has become the object of controversy since it was placed in the park, because it is made by using the city budget. The statue is already sold to a cultural association keagaamaan. Unfortunately, the agency is not allowed to buy pieces of land where the statue stands. As a result, the statue remained on public property in violation of relevant state ban religious symbols in public spaces.

 France is known as one of the most secular countries in the world. In 2010, France became the first country to ban the use of the veil in public spaces. Editor: Ervan Hardoko Source: AFP

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Duterte President Threatens to Remove the Philippines from the United Nations

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday (08/21/2016), threatened to pull out of the United Nations following the organization's criticism of the war on drugs is precipitated. Since coming to power last June 30, already 1,500 suspected drug dealers in the Philippines killed. 

This has sparked criticism from the United Nations and various human rights organizations. Duterte, a former lawyer known outspoken, repeatedly stressed that the United Nations did not intervene in the internal affairs of the Philippines. "Maybe we will decide to part ways with the United Nations. If the UN does not have any respect, then we will leave the UN," Duterte said in a press conference in his hometown, Davao. Not only threatened to pull out of the UN, Duterte also call if necessary he would form a rival organization. "I will invite all the countries. 

I will probably invite China and African countries," he added. The UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard said last week, promising Duterte step impunity and prizes for members of the police who could kill suspected drug dealers in violation of international law. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also once made the criticism when the campaign period Duterte vowed to kill 100,000 criminals and dumping their bodies into Manila Bay for fish food. 

"I condemn such steps to encourage extrajudicial killings, which is an illegal move and violates the basic principle of human rights and freedoms," Ban said at the time. Direct criticism of the United Nations did not make Duterte waver, instead he hit back at the world organization. "I do not care about the UN, you can not even resolve the Middle East conflict, you can not even solve the problem of Africa," Duterte said. Duterte then refers to the small child's photo Syrian origin who sat in the ambulance with the whole body filled with dust and blood on his face.

 Duterte calls, photo Syrian boy it is a form of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations as an international body. "See photos of children who are removed from the rubble of the building. When he was seated in the ambulance and we all saw it. What's the difference?" Duterte said. Furthermore Duterte compares with a series of police shootings US no criticism whatsoever of the United Nations. 

 "What do you think (the police) did America against black people? And what the critics say?" Duterte added. Duterte also mention that at the time of the Philippines hit by natural disasters such as hurricanes, the UN did not do anything for the country, including efforts to eradicate poverty. According to police records the Philippines, since Duterte power, as many as 665 suspected drug traffickers shot dead by police and 900 other people were killed strangers.

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International Survey: Over Half of Israelis Support Palestinian Independence

A poll of Israelis and Palestinians on Monday (22/08/2016) showed most citizens of both sides wanted peace. Tamar Hermann, a political scientist Israel held a poll by Khalil Shikaki of a Palestinian research institute. 

"Looking at the current situation, the results of this survey is not too good but not too bad. At least there was optimism with the right leadership," said Tamar. "At the moment I do not see any leaders on both sides who are able to use the results of this survey as a basis to intensify the negotiations," added Tamar. Based on the survey results, 51 percent of Palestinians and 59 percent of Israelis support a two-state solution to end the conflict between the two countries. 

About 53 percent of Israelis support the independence of Palestine and of course the number is far greater among Palestinians, namely 87 percent. On the other hand, only a few people of both countries are committed to the establishment of the country populated with the same rights and obligations. After two decades of the failure of efforts to end the conflict, the survey showed 89 percent of Palestinians consider Israel can not be trusted and 68 percent of Israelis feel the same way towards the Palestinians.

 In addition, as many as 65 percent of Israelis fear the Palestinians. Interestingly, only 45 percent of Palestinians are afraid to face the people of Israel. Tamar said he was surprised by the many Israelis who are afraid of the Palestinians. Presumably this is because Israelis rarely interact with the Palestinians so that fear very easily arise. The poll interviewed 1,270 Palestinians and 1,184 Israelis and held in June, with a margin of error of three percent. This survey was held as the cooperation of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Center for Policy and Survey Research Palestine.

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