Duterte President Threatens to Remove the Philippines from the United Nations

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday (08/21/2016), threatened to pull out of the United Nations following the organization's criticism of the war on drugs is precipitated. Since coming to power last June 30, already 1,500 suspected drug dealers in the Philippines killed. 

This has sparked criticism from the United Nations and various human rights organizations. Duterte, a former lawyer known outspoken, repeatedly stressed that the United Nations did not intervene in the internal affairs of the Philippines. "Maybe we will decide to part ways with the United Nations. If the UN does not have any respect, then we will leave the UN," Duterte said in a press conference in his hometown, Davao. Not only threatened to pull out of the UN, Duterte also call if necessary he would form a rival organization. "I will invite all the countries. 

I will probably invite China and African countries," he added. The UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard said last week, promising Duterte step impunity and prizes for members of the police who could kill suspected drug dealers in violation of international law. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also once made the criticism when the campaign period Duterte vowed to kill 100,000 criminals and dumping their bodies into Manila Bay for fish food. 

"I condemn such steps to encourage extrajudicial killings, which is an illegal move and violates the basic principle of human rights and freedoms," Ban said at the time. Direct criticism of the United Nations did not make Duterte waver, instead he hit back at the world organization. "I do not care about the UN, you can not even resolve the Middle East conflict, you can not even solve the problem of Africa," Duterte said. Duterte then refers to the small child's photo Syrian origin who sat in the ambulance with the whole body filled with dust and blood on his face.

 Duterte calls, photo Syrian boy it is a form of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations as an international body. "See photos of children who are removed from the rubble of the building. When he was seated in the ambulance and we all saw it. What's the difference?" Duterte said. Furthermore Duterte compares with a series of police shootings US no criticism whatsoever of the United Nations. 

 "What do you think (the police) did America against black people? And what the critics say?" Duterte added. Duterte also mention that at the time of the Philippines hit by natural disasters such as hurricanes, the UN did not do anything for the country, including efforts to eradicate poverty. According to police records the Philippines, since Duterte power, as many as 665 suspected drug traffickers shot dead by police and 900 other people were killed strangers.

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International Survey: Over Half of Israelis Support Palestinian Independence

A poll of Israelis and Palestinians on Monday (22/08/2016) showed most citizens of both sides wanted peace. Tamar Hermann, a political scientist Israel held a poll by Khalil Shikaki of a Palestinian research institute. 

"Looking at the current situation, the results of this survey is not too good but not too bad. At least there was optimism with the right leadership," said Tamar. "At the moment I do not see any leaders on both sides who are able to use the results of this survey as a basis to intensify the negotiations," added Tamar. Based on the survey results, 51 percent of Palestinians and 59 percent of Israelis support a two-state solution to end the conflict between the two countries. 

About 53 percent of Israelis support the independence of Palestine and of course the number is far greater among Palestinians, namely 87 percent. On the other hand, only a few people of both countries are committed to the establishment of the country populated with the same rights and obligations. After two decades of the failure of efforts to end the conflict, the survey showed 89 percent of Palestinians consider Israel can not be trusted and 68 percent of Israelis feel the same way towards the Palestinians.

 In addition, as many as 65 percent of Israelis fear the Palestinians. Interestingly, only 45 percent of Palestinians are afraid to face the people of Israel. Tamar said he was surprised by the many Israelis who are afraid of the Palestinians. Presumably this is because Israelis rarely interact with the Palestinians so that fear very easily arise. The poll interviewed 1,270 Palestinians and 1,184 Israelis and held in June, with a margin of error of three percent. This survey was held as the cooperation of the Israel Democracy Institute and the Center for Policy and Survey Research Palestine.

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Tips 5 Easy Steps to Longevity

Could we be longevity only by practicing the five simple steps? Harvard Medical School professor, Sanjiv Chopra, MD, said it could. In his new book, The Big Five, Dr. Chopra, describes the five steps that, if used daily routine will be able to extend the life of us for several years. 

Here are five tricks. Drinking coffee "Coffee is a miracle," said Dr. Chopra. Still, according to Dr. Chopra, there are thousands of studies about the benefits of coffee for health. One study says that coffee drinkers have an increased risk of type-2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and liver cancer, less than non-coffee drinkers. However, this study does not prove that coffee is the main reason for the reduction of the risk. The researchers believe that the lifestyle of drink kopilah cause. 2012 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which analyzed data about 400,000 people for over 14 years, found that women who drank two to six cups a day, has a mortality rate 15 percent lower than non-drinkers.

 Sport We all know the benefits of physical activity, and we all have the choice to do it or not, "explains Dr. Chopra cites a study published in the journal PLoS Medicine. The study revealed 150 minutes of brisk walking per week was associated with prolongation of life expectancy for 3.5-4.5 years. Consumption of vitamin D Lack of vitamin D can result in a number of medical problems, such as multiple sclerosis, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. 

"Vitamin D3 is the only supplement that I consume on a regular basis," he wrote. "Vitamin D3 supplements fortify the immune system. If I do not eat them, sya body condition will decline," said Chopra. consumption of peanuts You can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, heart disease, stroke, and premature death by just a handful of nuts a day, said Dr. Chopra. Nuts contain protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B and E and essential minerals such as selenium and magnesium.

 Keep in mind, nuts are foods that tend to be high in calories and some peanuts processed, high sodium. Eat beans in moderate amounts, do not overdo it, especially processed peanuts that have been marinated. Meditation Many people from different parts of the world practicing meditation since thousands of years ago. Now, science is confirming the benefits of meditation, one of which is to reduce stress. Benefits, which gives them a positive effect on long-term health, said Dr. Chopra. Stress, according to Dr. Chopra, can trigger a variety of diseases. "I recommend everyone to meditate for 15 minutes, twice a day," advises Dr. Chopra again.

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International British Porn Star Nose Surgery in Tehran, Iran Gempar

Iranian public uproar and was shocked by the news of the arrival of a British porn star, Candy Charms who perform plastic surgery in Tehran recently Many questioned how could a porn star can "get away" and get a visa in the country that is famous for the enforcement of Islamic Law. Charms Candy arrival news spread shortly after he uploaded a photo on his Instagram account. The picture was on display after he returned from Iran.

 In the photos it looks Candy wearing black hoods. Veil is part of the clothes women must wear in the country. "I only told close friends and family, besides social media was blocked in Iran, it is very difficult to communicate freely there," Candy wrote as quoted by the BBC website on Wednesday (08/03/2016). In his written message, Candy praised the hospitality of Iranian.

 "Really, all the way in Iran I found the people very impressive," he said. Uploads in the Instagram account to get thousands of comments and "likes" before being removed. Reportedly, Candy reportedly closing his account, for fear of the negative impact of the photo against her. It is the most widely asked the public through social media is how she was able to get a visa to go to Iran? A minister in Iran was moved to comment. Minister unnamed It said Candy visa through a travel agent using a different name. In the visa application Candy said she has worked as a beautician. Meanwhile, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi issued a plea. 

He calls the moral high degree in Iran, it is impossible officer can recognize a porn star. "When a porn star filed applications for entry into Iran, some people ask why the person was not recognized?" Qashqavi said. "How could my colleagues can identify women like that?" he said again. A user of social media known as Professor Balthazar made an interesting comment. "We have many women in Tehran with a face like a porn star, but we missed the opportunity to see a porn star 'original' come to Tehran," writes Balthazar. Other medsos user wrote, "She is a porn star, American descent as well as women and come to Iran to fix the nose. 

How come there are still people who say there is no freedom in Iran?". No less than 40,000 cosmetic surgery performed in this country every year. That figure is based on data from the Iranian Association of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons. That makes Iran as one of the 10 most popular places in the world for plastic surgery. "It is not unusual models in the world come to Iran for plastic surgery, especially for the face, there one of the best," she said in an interview with the Cairo Scene. 

Not only comments related serious Candy arrival in Iran, facetious comment appeared in medsos. One of them expressed the owner of the Twitter account named Dom Faith. "Porn star to travel to Iran, there are advantages to a nuclear deal between Iran and the West," he writes. Candy also expressed his desire to return to Iran, if the citizens and the government there deign to accept it. "I like the people there, be a shame if these visits bring a negative impact, but I'd love to go back there," said Candy.

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