International Top News: Antarctic Ice Mountain to "Black Widow"

Five of the world's most popular news, attracted thousands of readers, is not visited if you have not had time to listen to it throughout Wednesday (12/7/2017) to Thursday morning.

Among them, about 1 trillion tons of icebergs drifting in Antarctica, the dying Ganges river among garbage, factory waste, and corpses, to the sadistic black widows in Japan. Here we show more news for you and click the full news link.

 1. Ice Mountain Seberat 1 Trillion Ton Drifted in Antarctica The ice sheet weighs a trillion tonnes of 5,800 square kilometers or the size of the Welsh region, regardless of the Antarctic ice sheet. Scientists who monitor cracks in ice sheets on the western side of Antarctica say the iceberg is the largest in the world. 

 "The outbreak of this iceberg occurred between 10 and 12 July when the section of Larsen C section of 5,800 square kilometers was finally released," the University of Swansea said on Wednesday.  Follow the news by clicking the links here. 

 2. Ganges Dying River among Trash, Waste Factory, and Bodies  The Ganges River is the pulse of Indian life. But the river nicknamed "mother" is increasingly dying by plastic waste, factory waste, and even human bodies. Every year, no less than 115,000 tons of plastic waste contaminates the river. Yet the river that flows from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal is feeding millions of people.  Not just rubbish, factory waste pollution and households accelerate the death of the sacred river. Read the full report here.

 3. Truckloads of Spikes Transporting Spikes on Toll Road, 100 Cars Become Victims Chaos occurred on a highway in eastern China when 100 cars crashed thousands of nails scattered on the streets, Sunday (9/7/2017). Thousands of spikes are spread over 40 kilometers on the highway in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. Local traffic police said this was the worst ever incident in the province. Where did those thousands of nails come from and why did they happen, and were there any victims? Check out the next news here. 

 4. The Mystery of the Death of ISIS Leader, Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi Reports of the death of the leader of the terrorist group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi reappear after the Syrian Human Rights Monitor (SOHR) confirmed on Tuesday (07/11/2017). Previously, he has been repeatedly reportedly killed by various foreign media. In fact, ISIS's official news agency, Amaq, has also admitted that Baghdadi is dead. The details of Baghdadi's death, however, are unclear, such as when, where, and how he died, and who kills him. These are some of the things we need to know or what we already know so far related to the issue of Baghdadi's death? Please click on the news here.  

5. Japanese woman nicknamed 'Black Widow' Admit Kill her husband An elderly Japanese woman accused of killing three of her lovers, admitted to the trial that she poisoned her husband to death. Chisako Kakehi was arrested in 2014 for allegedly killing the lives of three lovers, and tried to kill her husband. The case of the 70-year-old woman was just tried in Kyotosejak late last month. In a hearing on Monday (10/7/2017), Chisako confessed to killing her husband. "No mistake," he replied after hearing the question of whether he had killed her husband. Why did he kill his husband and three lovers? Read more

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Harnaam Kaur : Top News Marawi, Wayang Women, to ISIS

There are many world news that most read during Tuesday (11/7/2017). Maybe you just missed that important information. War against ISIS in Marawi, southern Philippines; Women with bearded and mustache; 

A death execution degree with the beheading of six people a day in Saudi Arabia, to the defeat of ISIS in Mosul and the establishment of his new base in Tal Afar is the news of many readers. 1. "Do not Blame the Maranao Tribe for the Destruction of the Marawi City ..." It's been seven weeks since the first black flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), flown in the southern Philippine city of Marawi. 

 The flag flutter marked the start of an armed resistance by a local terrorist gang claiming to be oriented towards the ISIS group. Furthermore, the fighting has displaced most of Marawi's population of more than 200,000 people to the refugee camp. The face of the pretty town on the edge of the lake was instantly transformed into a scary ruin. Many people blame the Maranao for the destruction. Why? How are the responses of indigenous Muslims in the region? Check out the next news here. 2. 

The Story of Harnaam Kaur, a Woman and a Mustache and a Mustache As a woman Harnaan Kaur has a unique body condition. Special conditions experienced by his body make the hair on his face grow bushy even though he is a woman. The citizens of Slough, England, were diagnosed with a disorder called polycystic ovaries. The hair on the face grows thick since he entered puberty. Various ways he has taken to remove the feathers, including with shaved or by applying a facial hair removal cream. But the feathers grow more dense, the longer, the more, and the black. 

 What is a polycystic ovaries abnormality and what people react to Kaur, open the complete news link here. 3. Record Record, Saudi Arabia Holds 6 Dead Executions a Day Saudi authorities execute six inmates of murder and drug cases on Monday (07/10/2017). That number is the record of most executions in a single day, since the beginning of 2017. The execution also fulfilled the number of executions in this year to 44 inmates. One of the executed prisoners is a Pakistani man involved in drug trafficking. Meanwhile, five others are citizens of Saudi Arabia who are involved in murder cases. 

 Thus the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia, as quoted from the page Independent. 4. Maute Forces Forced Hostages and Children Fighting the Army The Philippine military said on Monday (10/7/2017) that Maute militants forced the hostages and children to fight against the army. Fighting in the town of Marawi has been going on for seven weeks since the pro-ISIS group occupied the city on May 23, 2017. During the battle, the Philippine military learned that some of their opponents were teenage boys who were recruited since childhood. 

Please see the next news here. 5. Mosul Released, ISIS Move to Tal Afar The northern Iraqi city of Mosul began facing a more difficult new phase after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared his troop victory over the ISIS militia in Mosul. If consolidation was not immediately done right in the city, Mosul could fall back on ISIS. Nineveh Provincial Deputy Counsel Nur al-Din Qablan, in an interview with the Arabic-language daily Asharq al-Awsat, said the more difficult era now begins in the city of Mosul amid regional battles, internal political conflict in Iraq, Security, and rebuilding of the city. What are the consequences of the battle in Mosul, please click the news link in

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skyscrapers Top Hotels in Pyongyang Opened

After going through the process of construction and renovation for about 30 years, Ryugyong hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea finally be officially opened. 

Built in 1989, the pyramid-shaped building as high as 105 floors it never stopped construction after allies and North Korea's main benefactor at the time, the Soviet Union, collapsed. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea's economy directly affected. Coupled with the rampant corruption that makes the expectations of the current leader, Kim Il Sung to attract tourists evaporate. At that time, a lifestyle magazine Esquire hotel dub it as the worst building in the history of mankind and earned the nickname "Hotel of Doom" or destruction hotel. 

 However, now visible lights lit up in the skyscrapers as high as 330 meters and is believed to the first time formally receive guests. This news raised via video released news website NK News. In the video it looks light on two different floors of the hotel. Casinos, nightclubs, until the "lounge" Japanese-style empty for years are now being prepared to welcome the guests. 

 This is the first construction work on the building in the last five years after the installation of windows and telephone networks. "I was very surprised to see the peak of hotels Ryugtyong on," said Peter Ward, North Korea researcher based in Seoul. To build this hotel North Korean government to spend enough yatu reached Rp 7.8 trillion. 

 Though built at a cost which is unusually expensive, a lot of criticism regarding the quality of the concrete is poor and the lifts were very unfit. After a long stalled, this hotel development continued in the 2000s, when Kim Jong Il. This hotel was originally scheduled for completion in 2012 also marks the 100th birthday of Kim Il Sung. Unfortunately, the deadline could not be met and the hotel was still empty, uninhabited.

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International   For the sake of secularism, the city in France's "Get rid of the" Statue of Our Lady

As a secular country France tried to separate the religious affairs and everyday life. Separation include bans any religious symbols in public spaces and that's what happens in a small town in the country. An administrative court in the city of Publier, Haute-Savoire region, ordered that the statue of the Virgin Mary standing in a park since 2011 moved. 

 In the verdict was read on November 24 last, the city government has three months to move the statue. If the statue was not transferred on time, then the government must pay a fine of 100 euros, or nearly $ 1.5 million per day. In response to the court's decision, the mayor of Gaston Lacroix said he would try to find a new place for the statue. 

 Virgin Mary statue that has become the object of controversy since it was placed in the park, because it is made by using the city budget. The statue is already sold to a cultural association keagaamaan. Unfortunately, the agency is not allowed to buy pieces of land where the statue stands. As a result, the statue remained on public property in violation of relevant state ban religious symbols in public spaces.

 France is known as one of the most secular countries in the world. In 2010, France became the first country to ban the use of the veil in public spaces. Editor: Ervan Hardoko Source: AFP

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